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About Dhariwal

Dhariwal is one of the prominent towns of Gurdaspur District in Punjab state. It is one of the 11 Sub Tehsil towns and also one of the 8 Municipal Council towns in Gurdaspur District. It is also home to innumerable woolen mills, making it one of the prominent industrial towns of the district. In terms of size it is 5th largest town of the district. All these distinguished facts are sufficient sufficient to give us cursory peek into this town, but to lend far better understanding about this town we’ve brought very comprehensive information in all below paragraphs. In this comprehensive information we’ve covered almost all the important aspects of this town.

About Dhariwal

Administration of Dhariwal

Responsibility of maintaining civic administration comes under the preview of Dhariwal Municipal Council. Currently Dhariwal Municipal Council has total 13 wards in it. This Municipal Council carries out same typical responsibilities like supplying drinking water, maintenance of street lights and drainage, keeping records of birth and death etc. Apart from Municipal Council, there are other local administrators who wield influence over day to day administration of this town. These local administrators mostly work under the supervision of District Collector.

Dhariwal Municipal Council

Economy of Dhariwal

Dhariwal is a fairly urbanized and industrialized economy. Its economy has always garnered substantial strength from resilient Industrial Sector and equally strong Service Sector. Agricultural sector, on other hand, also makes considerable contribution, but its share in the local economy has considerably reduced over the years. Innumerable woolen mills that have been operating here since British era continue to be major boon for local economy even today. Although many of the units and plants have been laying sick for many years, but overall Woolen mills still continue to generate huge number of employment for locals. Besides, Important industrial towns like Batala, Gurdaspur, Churian, Sohal and Ghuman are not located very far away from Dhariwal town. These adjoining industrial towns make immense contribution to Dhariwal’s economy through employment generation for its locals. In fact their contribution to employment generation is just as high as all the local woolen mills taken together. Further good number of banks, retails shops, hospitality and healthcare oriented institutions were operating within the jurisdiction of Dhariwal town.

Healthcare Services in Dhariwal

Dhariwal healthcare services coupled with efficient healthcare facilities available in adjoining towns like Gurdaspur offer enough options to Dhariwal’s local patients. They have enough options available for well equipped hospitals, doctors including specialist doctors, pathological labs, diagnostic centers etc. Owing to these choices general healthcare condition of this town is very good. Dhariwal does not have too many multi specialty hospitals whereas headquarter city of Gurdaspur has ample number of them. As and when Dhariwal’s patients are in dire need of these Multi Specialty Hospitals, they can easily do so by traveling just few kilometers.

Reputed Hospitals near Dhariwal

Deep Multispeciality Hospital
Address: Opp Ladies Club, Gurdaspur Ho, Gurdaspur – 143521
Phone no: +(91)-1874-244879, +(91)-9814949496

Kiran Medicare Hospital
Address: Amritsar Pathankot Highway, Near Police Station, Dina Nagar, Gurdaspur – 143531
Phone no: +(91)-1875-224488, +(91)-7837230066

Chemist shops in Dhariwal

Vijay Medical Hall
Address: G T Road, Dhariwal, Gurdaspur – 143519
Phone no: Not available

Khosla Medical & Laboratory
Address: Dhariwal, G T Road, Gurdaspur – 143519
Phone no: +(91)-1874-275050, +(91)-9814916050

Doctors in Dhariwal

Dr Balvinder Singh
Address: Opp BSNL Exchange Building, Dhariwal Ho, Gurdaspur – 143519
Phone no: +(91)-9915776590

Transportation in Dhariwal

Availability of good number of auto rickshaws along with good connectivity enjoyed by Dhariwal town has completely ensured that local people here don’t have to face any kind commuting or traveling problems. They can easily travel to any local area of their town by easily getting an auto rickshaw, whereas connectivity to different parts of Punjab is ensured by Dhariwal Railway Station. Speaking more about Dhariwal Railway Station, then it is a very small railway station, but is directly connected to important cities like Amritsar, Delhi, Jammu and Gurdaspur. Besides, it is directly connected to hordes of small villages of Gurdaspur District as well as hordes of the villages in its neighboring districts. Apart from train connectivity, Dhariwal town is also well connected to different parts of Punjab state and also adjoining states via state run buses. And as such Dhariwal town is very much centrally and strategically located, invariably boosting its road connectivity.

Banking Services in Dhariwal

Dhariwal Town has good presence of reputed banks. Presently as many as 11 reputed commercial banks are operating in the town. Thanks to their presence people here are able to enjoy all types of banking services. Including of course easy access to affordable credit and loan. Besides, presence of these banks has also helped in generating much needed employment for local population here. It is also important to mention that substantial number of Dhariwal’s local also own accounts in neighboring city of Gurdaspur city. Being a headquarter City Gurdaspur obviously has more banks than Dhariwal, and residents don’t shy at all to take advantage of this fact. Based on above brief information it can be concluded that Dhariwal town has a pretty efficient and robust banking services. Bank have ample choices of banks to chose from.

Punjab National Bank (PNB)
Address: Dhariwal Batala Road, Distt. Gurdaspur Punjab 143519
IFSC Code: PUNB0013700
Phone no: 01874-275141

Address: Bus Stand GT Road, Dhariwal, DIST - Gurdaspur PIN 143519
IFSC Code: HDFC0002303
Phone no: 022-30751912/ 2041 / 2042

Axis Bank
Address: Ground floor, New abadi, Ward no. 4, village: Fateh nangal, Dhariwal, dist. Gurdaspur, Punjab , Pin 143519
Phone no: (01874) 510296/ 97 (01874) 510295

Corporation Bank
Address: Ward NO 4, Opp LIC Office, G T ROAD, Dhariwal Punjab 143519
Phone no: 9988675332
IFSC Code: State: PUNJAB (01874) 510296/ 97 (01874) 510295
Corporation Bank (CorpBank) DHARIWAL CORP0001701

Canara Bank
Address: Near Gurdwara, Golden hotel, G.t. Road, Dhariwal-143519, Distt Gurdaspur
Phone no: Not available
IFSC Code: CNRB0004597

Safety and Security in Dhariwal

Safety and security of Dhariwal’s local people is completely ensured by a local police station. This local police station is located in very heart the town. Dhariwal’s people obviously have to flock to this railway station when faced with any law and order problem. However, since most of Dhariwal’s law and order problem constitutes of small and negligible crimes, local people here hardly face any major law and order problem as such. This fact also clearly signifies that big organized criminals like gangs, rackets etc are absolutely nonexistent here.

Police Control Room : 100
9780002601 , 181
Ambulance : 108
Senior Citizen help Line :221971
Children Help Line: 1091
Women Help Line: 181
Traffic help Line : 242081, 1073
Crime Stopper : 220796
Flood Control : 247964

Over all, Dhariwal is completely peaceful and harmonious town. Local people here feel absolutely safe and secure. They don’t even have to spare thought to their safety and security.

Dhariwal at a glance

Country : India
State : Punjab
District : Gurdaspur
• Official : Punjabi
Time zone : IST (UTC+5:30)

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